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“We hired Maribel and it literally changed my life.


I learned to LOVE strength training and she gave me that extra push and motivation I needed.  I saw my body transform with her coaching.  By transform, I mean my legs and arms had definition for the first time.  I looked and felt fit and confident in my body.  She also introduced us to clean eating and three years later we are still eating clean.  It has become our lifestyle. I was impressed with how effective having a coach and motivator was for me." 


Jenny Trimble, RN

Nemours Children’s Specialty Care Jacksonville, Florida

Nutrition Consultation

If you want to make better eating choices but aren’t quite ready to jump into a program, our one-on-one Nutrition Consultations might be the perfect solution for you. In this 60 minute in-person meeting or video call (your choice!) we will first discuss your goals, history, and current nutritional barriers. Then, taking your personal situation into account, we’ll help you to create a pathway that will introduce you to a whole new way of eating. You’ll learn about the benefits of whole foods like vegetables, fruit, and proteins, and you’ll find out why buying products that are organic and free of pesticides, GMO’s, and hormones can make such a difference in your daily diet. Plus we’ll help you do it in a way that’s both budget and family friendly!


With our Nutrition Consultations, you’ll spend 60 minutes gathering valuable information that will last a lifetime. Improve your health and lifestyle with a simple do-it-yourself strategy or choose to move on with one of our two personalized programs. The choice is yours!


Book a Nutrition Consultation today and receive a personal health assessment, and a shopping guide to help you make better decisions at the grocery store.


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