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I was part of one of Captivated by Nature's programs and I can not give enough praise to Maribel and her program. Before this I had been trying diets with very short lived success always focused on the number on the scale and very anxious about food. It was very different with this program because this is not a diet, it is a program that helps you learn about whole foods and what your body really needs to function at its best. Not only did I lose weight (especially in inches) I also have way more energy than I have in many years and my skin looks so good.


I think that the biggest change besides my outer appearance is how my mentality has changed about food, about weight, about being kind and loving myself, now I have a different relationship with food. I no longer starve myself to try to see a certain number on the scale (by the way I got rid of my scale, the scale is not always the best way to measure your progress). I also don't feel anxious and "cheat" or binge with junk food. I am extremely grateful to have been a part of this program and would recommend it to everyone. Like they say "Health is Wealth" and this program helps you get Healthy. Thank you Maribel for all the knowledge and support!


Valeria Chavez 


Los Angeles, Ca 


“I found Captivated by Nature and scheduled a private consultation.  I was given an assessment of my current health status and received useful information about what kinds of foods were beneficial for my body.  I learned a lot. 


This information empowered me to start making changes in my life.  Now, I know a better way of eating and I can inspire others around me to eat healthier as well.  I love to show people the food I make and let them taste how delicious it is to eat whole foods.”


Jonathan Galvan

Business Consultant, Accent Gold Solutions

I not only solved my digestive issues (which I’d been seeing an acupuncturist for, along with multitudes of supplements) that led to better sleep, I saw increased & even energy throughout the day, better moods and a weight loss of 15 lbs, getting me to a weight I had not seen in 30 years!  I would never have imagined this level of benefit and restoration of health for me and my family could have been so dramatic from this 3 month program.


 We have continued to live with the new knowledge and guidelines we’ve learned and are continuing to see benefits.  It truly is a lifestyle for us now and worth every penny invested in the program. We never could have imagined ALL the benefits, and to think I almost passed this opportunity up for my family’s health?  Our family continually recommends Captivated By Nature & thanks God, for Maribel’s Kickstart Program. Truly life changing!


Julie Landi, COO

The Performance Group,

Calabasas, CA

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