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How to Overcome Migraines the Healthy Way!

"You have to get to Urgent Care immediately to make sure there's nothing wrong with your brain."

It is absolutely frightening when the nurse tells you these words on the call. Friend, those are some of the scariest words I've heard. Getting out of bed was difficult since I felt really dizzy and the pain on my head was unbearable, unlike anything I had ever experienced before, except after having a car accident.

That same night, my friend drove me to Urgent Care. Thankfully, the staff was very understanding of my sensitivity to the light. I was wearing thick shades to avoid the light and when I was taken to the room, the staff dimmed the lights for me! I felt super grateful. The doctor immediately ordered blood tests and a CT scan. The results were great. In fact, he said, "your liver is functioning great and you are very healthy". I felt reassured yet confused and I asked "so why do I have this much pain?" He answered by saying that it was migraines and he prescribed a NARCOTIC medicine to treat the pain. I went home and took the medicine only to make matters worst. For the next few days, I was vomiting constantly and couldn't hold down food. I slowly introduced a few foods that my stomach can handle. I was dizzy and extremely sleepy which were the side effects of the medicine. Luckily, after 2 more days the migraines went away! I stopped the medication immediately and they have been gone ever since! Can you believe that it has now been 1 year since experiencing a migraine?! I am blown away by how simply making some changes can make such a HUGE difference. Here below is an outline of how you too can get rid if migraines or tension headaches forever!

Lessons learned:

I had never experienced migraines or pain that was that severe and debilitating. Do you want to know what caused the migraines? Working many hours straight without giving myself many breaks. I would try to squeeze in something else on my to-do-list during the free moments of my day. I'm embarrassed because I teach my clients how to prioritize their self-care plan. When I started to neglect myself and not follow my self-care plan, my body responded with migraines. Can you relate to this?

I learned the hard way! I also learned how to defeat migraines the healthy way while avoiding those awful narcotics that have horrible side effects! Do you want to know what worked?

Here's how I have beat migraines the healthy way:

1. Walking: Most days during the week after enjoying a healthy meal, I take a 15-30

minute walk. This helps to fill me with energy and combat the effects of stress.

2. Meditation: I have started to do guided meditations that last 5-10 minutes. They are so inspiring and have helped me to get in touch with my heart, emotions and

become self-aware, which helps you manage stress. I usually end in prayer.

3. Essential Peppermint oil: Rubbing some essential peppermint oil on my forehead, and temples helps tremendously. It can also help you relax before bed and have a more restful sleep.

4. Limit Coffee: Yes, I know how much we love our coffee! I have decreased my coffee intake and have started drinking more tea and extra water.

So the next time you are feeling stressed...These tips can help you manage stress and beat tension headaches or migraines!

I would love to hear from you. Share your questions or concerns by commenting below or you can send me an email at:

You too can learn to manage stress and live the life you desire!

Much Love,

Coach Maribel

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