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Eat Right & Light

Eat Right & Light

Eating, if you look at it in a different way, isn’t just about feeding a hunger or satisfying a craving. It brings social gatherings together that enlightens the soul with love and laughter. It’s there when you need comfort even though sometimes it gets rejected. It can make you feel your best…or your worst; but most importantly, it nourishes and replenishes the body with more energy.

So why is it so important to eat a balanced diet? Well, it goes far beyond “eat good, feel good”, depending on what you eat can reflect or affect your body. Eating properly will help your organs and tissues work effectively; not eating right only makes your body more prone to disease, infections, fatigue, and poor performance. All of which are very noticeable because you feel it and you see it.

So what does eating right look like? Well, here at Captivated by Nature we encourage eating more fruits, vegetables, protein, and GOOD FATS! We have engineered this new effective system for eating; focusing on cleansing and healing the body naturally for a lifelong healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually lifestyle. By taking out all the processed, chemically-infused foods and replacing it with wholesome, real foods.

You may be thinking ‘why exclude grains and dairy? I thought they were good for you’. Well, grains and dairy are the two most common food groups that work against your digestive system. They are the top two well-known food intolerances that affect the intestines by causing abdominal discomfort, irregular bowel movement, and inflammation that could last for a couple of days or months.

Ever feel heavy or bloated after eating bread, pasta, or ice cream? That is probably your body telling you that it doesn’t like those foods and that you might be a mild sensitive to them. The body rejects what isn’t good for it or whatever isn’t meant for it. This is why we do not recommend the consumption of dairy and grains as part of the cleansing remedy. The body was designed for specific foods and specific foods were designed for the body. Fruits, vegetables, proteins, and good fats (like avocados) all work together for the benefit of your digestive system providing nutrients and fibers that flush out all the impurities from within your body and nourish it the right way.

The best part is that you’re going to start to feel it when you eat clean; no more abdominal pain, irregular bowel movement, or inflammation! In fact, it is going to be the exact opposite, you’re going to even see it when your skin clears, have more energy, and lose weight! All of which are simply side effects of eating clean. So next time you go out to eat or cook at home, take the challenge and listen to your body. How do you feel when you eat grains and dairy and compare it to when you remove it from your meal? In a sense, you’re not going to be able to drive your car if you fill it up with water, you need to give it the right fuel. Same goes with the body, the right foods will keep you going.

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