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Commit to be Fit!

Have you ever had a goal that you really wanted to accomplish but felt unsuccessful? Did you make a resolution and a commitment to stick with it, but your schedule got in the way? I can relate. I want to share with you about my journey with fitness and why I have found getting support is such a relief.

Earlier this year, I set the goal to exercise at least 3-4 times per week by doing some form of resistance training, recovery work, and/or yoga. Although I’ve had several coaching programs for my company and did a couple of presentations and events for the community, my schedule was stretched and I honestly did not find time to workout as I had set a goal for. I was inconsistent with exercising and I constantly felt disappointed in myself because I did not meet my goal. As the weeks went by I felt more and more frustrated with not being able to accomplish this goal. As a coach, I often remind and teach people that they NEED to PRIORITIZE their health and nutrition. However, I felt like I was falling short. I personally believe that I cannot call others to do something when I myself am not doing it. This challenged me to make some decisions.

I realized that I too needed accountability in the area of fitness. You may laugh and find this very comical but I do hope that you can also find motivation in what I share. I signed up for a Crossfit gym and thought this might force me to go to the gym. However, the pattern of being overly busy with work continued. Then I asked a fellow Crossfitter and my newfound friend to keep me accountable. I said to her, “Kay, I need to work out this many times per week and I need you to keep me accountable. If I don’t show up as I have committed to, then I owe you a $5 gift card.” My friend laughed but accepted my challenge. (Side note, I chose someone who is very committed to her fitness and consistent with her workouts, someone I find inspiring and looked up to). Weeks have gone by and there has only been one occasion where I didn’t make it all week. And guess what? I walked into the gym the following week with a gift card. Kay laughed and didn’t want to accept it (because she is so sweet) however, I insisted that she needed to take it. I didn’t mind giving her a $5 gift card because it was a reminder that I didn’t keep my commitment. The beautiful thing that has happened, is that now whether I’m traveling and/or get too busy with work, I make sure to make time for the gym. I don’t want to live a rigid life, but sometimes we need an extra push just to get started. I now feel like I am keeping my commitment and I feel good, empowered and energized.

The lesson I learned in this is that my health is a priority, but I need to make it a PRIORITY! In order to be my best for others, I have to take care of myself because that is when I can function at a much higher level. Sometimes we need some motivation and support to get started and that’s ok. It does not mean that we are weak. On the contrary, it shows tremendous strength and courage when we have the humility to reach out for help. I believe in having a supportive community to reach goals is essential.

Friend, if you are tired of feeling disappointed in yourself? Need just a little kick to start? Join my next Kick Start Program or get connected with us! Here at Captivated by Nature, we love helping people not only shed pounds but also be part of a supportive community of likeminded people. Lets get started!

Are you ready to Kick Start a new, healthier you?

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