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"Not only did I lose weight (especially in inches) I also have way more energy than I have in many years and my skin looks so good. I think that the biggest change besides my outer appearance is how my mentality has changed about food, about weight, about being kind and loving myself, now I have a different relationship with food.I no longer starve myself to try to see a certain number on the scale (by the way I got rid of my scale, the scale is not always the best way to measure your progress). I also don't feel anxious and "cheat" or binge with junk food. I am extremely grateful to have been a part of this program and would recommend it to everyone. Like they say "Health is Wealth" and this program helps you get Healthy. Thank you Maribel for all the knowledge and support!"

Valeria Chavez


Los Angeles, Ca 

Kick Start + Program 

(six months)

“I want to change my relationship with food. I want to have energy that jolts me out of bed in the morning. I want to have a body that I’m proud of.”


If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, then our Energy Optimization Plan is for you. Energy depletion can be a debilitating issue, caused by lack of proper nutrition, exercise, and other health-related problems. Over the course of six months, we’ll be able to identify what foods are most compatible with your tastes and body chemistry, and which ones might be causing you issues that you never realized before. By combining the best nutrition counseling with fun shopping and cooking techniques, you will be able to change your relationship with food for the long term. Get on the path to Energy Optimization today!

Here are the inclusions:


  • A six month customized food program created by Coach Maribel and tailored to your needs

  • A food shopping list to help you make positive, smart choices at the grocery store

  • The Foundation of a Healthy Lifestyle, an educational guide to understanding nutrition and building a long lasting love affair with food

  • A two-hour demonstrative cooking class to teach you how to make the most of your kitchen

  • A cookbook chock full of delicious, healthy, and easy to create recipes for the whole family

  • Access to our private Facebook group to build relationships, trade tips, and share stories with other program participants

  • A weekly group call with Coach Maribel to celebrate wins and discuss the “tough stuff” faced during the week

  • A journal to record your process

  • Ongoing support as needed


Are you ready to get on the path to Energy Optimization?


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